For wiring your electronic boards, Cynove has its own up-to-date wiring workshop that allows wiring of all kind of electronic components, including SMC and :
    - Passive SMC component downto 0201
    - Thin Quad Flat Pack components (TQFP)
    - Ball Grid Array components (BGA)
    - SMD oven for pre-production

Cynove's wiring station

With traditionnal wiring solder, Cynove has its own hot air soldering system and a special owen to allow all wiring possible techniques and then minimize the time dedicated to this work, that finaly reduce the studies costs of its customers.
Furthermore, BGA components are very precisely placed, through a video device that allows direct alignment of the solder "balls" with its print on the printed board.
For example, when trying to solder a BGA on a printed board (ball diameter 1 mm) :

Video screen displays like this :

Red dots are generated by reflexion of a light source on solder balls that exactly fits the position of the BGA on printed board. The process includes furthermore a little owen that melt the balls perfectly on this print. X-Ray analysis has confirmed the very good reliability of the process.


- All CYNOVE boards are tested before customer delivering either by dedicated Cynove softwares and/or by workbenches and procedures given by customer itself.
For example, all cameras are tested with standard industrial patterns.

- PC Windows driver hardware certification

- Hardware USB link machine test (cameras)